Photos: The Maasai Mara, Africa 2013

Editor’s Note: Yes, I know Day 3 is delayed! That’s because I was at the wilds in Africa. It’s now Day 12 for me on this trip. I’ll get to the rest of India and Israel, but for now, here’s some photos fresh from my camera, from the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Truly  a wonderful place. 
Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-DSC_3059 Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_4949 Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-DSC_3069

Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5103 Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5224 Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5184 Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5158

Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5391 Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5435 Kenya-Mara-20131124-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-DSC_3142Kenya-Mara-20131123-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5587Kenya-Mara-20131124-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-DSC_3143 Kenya-Mara-20131124-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_5902 Kenya-Mara-20131124-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_6227Kenya-Mara-20131124-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-LEO_6391 Kenya-Mara-20131125-PhotographybyLeoCastillo-DSC_3737


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