The Plan: India

The trip is almost upon us!!!

So I’m getting a lot more questions now on what I’ll actually be doing for the trip. Well, to make it faster, I’ll tell you my plans!

So let’s talk about the first country in my list: INDIA!!

India is a fascinating country when conversations come up in world wide travel. Some people I’ve talked to are clear that they will NEVER go to India. They’ve heard some not-so-good things, and have sworn it off. Some people I’ve talked to absolutely LOVE India and they’ve either visited it many times or are looking forward to a grand trip someday.

India fit the bill for a country in this particular trip. It’s very different from all the other countries I’ve been to, and I’m not sure if I have people who’d join me if I asked them too. Either way this trip goes, it looks like quite an adventure!

After talking to a lot of fellow travellers, everyone was unanimous: don’t stay in Delhi. Delhi will just yet be another Asian Metropolis and I’ve seen a lot of those. So based on their recommendations, here’s what I’m doing:

First stop: JAIPUR. Immediately upon getting off Delhi Airport (where I get my Visa on Arrival) I’m headed for a car to Jaipur. I arrive super early in the morning and will be in Jaipur by sun-up.

Photo via http:/ Yes, this famous photo was taken in Jaipur.

Jaipur is my first stop of what is commonly know as India’s Golden Triangle. As per Wikipedia, Jaipur is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. I’ll be checking out the architecture and history of the place, a great start for my whole trip. I hear the whole town wasbuilt in the form of an eight-part Mandala known as the ‘Pithapada’. That would be something to see!

On Day 3, I head for the second stop in the Golden Triangle: AGRA. Agra is most famous for this building right here:

Yes, you know exactly what building this is. Taken by Muhammad Mahdi Karim, via

Yes, it’s the world-famous, you-really-need-to-see-it, some-travelers-say-it’s-overrated, but-still-worth-checking-out Taj Mahal. I guess it really doesn’t make sense to visit India without visit THE Taj Mahal, so hey, you got to do it right? At the very least I can actually say I’ve been here and I can actually say if it’s worth going to or not.

I’ll also be checking out places like Fatehpur Sikri and the Agra Fort. I recently learned that in world history, there was a time that India was the richest country in the world.  India is a great time capsule of seeing how the world was and maybe a glimpse of how it could’ve been.

I’ll be in Agra for about 1.5 day, then it’s off to the final leg of the Golden Triangle Tour: Delhi. I’ll be seeing some more culture and maybe check out a bit of the modern Delhi as well. I also hear the weather this time of the year will be crisp and cool, about 15-18°, so I’ll have my jacket ready!

So it starts with Delhi, and now that I’m back in Delhi, the Triangle is complete. 

The last stop before I leave India. Composite image by Nikkul, from, shared under Creative Commons

And so on the evening of Day 4, I prepare to leave for Uzbekistan, which is my stopover to the second country to my trip: ISRAEL!!! I’ll tell you about it next time.

In the meantime this is the plan for India, I’ll be there November 14-17 (three weeks away!!!) and let’s see if the experience matches the expectation.



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