Getting Travel & Medical Insurance

I’ve travelled around the world many times. Some times alone, in many new countries. This round the world trip is a way way leveled up version of my usual travel

So the question is, do you get travel and medical insurance?

The simple answer is YES!!

First of all I already have travel insurance because of my credit card, but it doesn’t cover medical. I looked around and got additional travel & medical with Blue Cross Philippines.


They have different tiers depending on how long your trip is, and it’s slightly more expensive if you include US & Canada.

I got the 31 day package which cost me only P1683 (about USD 40). Here’s what’s covered:

– P1,000,000 (about USD 25K) medical coverage
– P1,500,000 (about USD 35K) accident coverage
– Some coverage on baggage delay, loss, damage, trip cancellation, trip termination, flight delays
– Some coverage on things I never want to use like plane fare for my wife if necessary for medical reasons, emergency evacuation, or funeral expenses.

It was really easy to get it too. Just go to their website, fill up the data and pay with your credit card. DONE!

If you take a trip like this, having travel and medical insurance is a godsend. With the small fee and the easy way to get it, you really shouldn’t leave home without it. 

Oh and I’m in no way affiliated with Blue Cross nor am I sponsored by them. There may be other insurance providers out there, let me know if you’ve had good experiences with them, I’d love to hear it!



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