And so it begins!

Hi folks!

My name is Leo Castillo, and I’m from Manila, Philippines. I work here with three hats: as a freelance OD/Training Consultant (I work often with Management Strategies  and Next Step), a photographer (, and a photography instructor (Photoworks Academy).

I’m turning 40 this year, and my wife keeps reminding me to do something special. Nothing is coming to mind until I saw something that looked improbable but the more I looked at it, it became possible.

Leo's Itinerary

After weeks of research and seeing that it looked more real everyday, I finally pulled the trigger and made it happen. So what did I finally decide to do?

Magellan did it in 1082 Days.
Phineas Fogg did it in 80 Days.
Nellie Bly did it in 78 days.

Yes folks, I am circumnavigating the globe!

The whole trip will take 28 days, which will bring me through the ancient temples of India, to a historic pilgrimage in Jerusalem, a 5 day safari in Kenya, to the beaches and festivity of Rio De Janeiro, the amazing biodiversity of the Galapagos islands, finally dropping by the center of the world New York before going back home to Manila!!!

I’ve decided to create this site in the interest of telling the story of a Pinoy going on a round the world trip. From the planning stages, the preparation, the actual trip itself and the aftermath. There’s a lot of research and experience involved as I do this, and it seems a shame if I don’t share this wealth of knowledge to the world. I’ll be posting what I’ve learned as well as stories and photos of the adventure.

Hey, you never know, one day you might take this trip too. Ask me and I might be able to help!

In my Photoworks 2 creative photography class one thing I keep telling my students is this : “The thing about dream projects is that they need to stop being dreams”.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I already bought my plane tickets, with this trip launching in November 2013.

This dream project is about to become a reality!



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